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Let's Go Diving


Learn in smaller classes

Scuba diving will be the most fun and excitement you will ever experience in the water! Certification is usually within 2 weeks, then you will be able to travel the world to explore what most people see only on TV or in magazine pictures. Plus, you'll be able to rent scuba equipment and get airfills! We purposely limit the size of our classes so that you have more fun and learn more.

Scuba Refresher for Certified Divers

Time to get back in the water! Whether you were certified PADI, NAUI, SSI, or LA County, after a year or more, you could probably use a scuba refresher. Only a few hours of academic and pool time will get your muscle memory refreshed. This is a great way to get reaquainted with the gear, water and maybe refresh some of your gear.

When Buying Scuba Gear Talk to real scuba divers, not online Bots

Please support your local dive shop. Isn't it great that you can have someone to talk to face to face about all your scuba diving lesson and gear needs? If you have a problem, come see us and we'll trouble shoot it together or just fix it for you. You can't do that with online companies like Amazon and EBay.That is the real value of your local dive shop. We sell and service the top brands in scuba diving. We will advise and educate you without a high pressure sales pitch. Tell us what you're looking for or what's your budget. Ask us about our FREE certification courses when you buy your entire scuba kit through us! Before your scuba gear is delivered to you, we will test your equipment to make sure it's working optimally. We do this for FREE. This is your life support equipment after all. The online stores can't do that for you. You will probably also meet new dive buddies!

Service/Repairs and Rentals

We are a full service dive shop. We service most top brands in scuba diving with very few exceptions. Competitive rates and guaranteed service. Scuba cylinder airfills also available up to 3,500 psi.

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Beginner, speciatly and pro classes available!

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