• Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

The Complete Divers West Open Water Diver Course
The Better Way to Learn


  • Teaching divers for over 25 Years in the San Gabriel Valley
  • Lifetime PADI Scuba Certification recognized Worldwide
  • In water lessons over 2 weekends
  • Smaller Classes
  • Online Study + Pool Training + Ocean DIves 
  • Boat ticket included
  • Dive Boat days include meals, showers, bunks and sometines dolphins and whales!
  • FREE scuba gear rentals with Personal Gear purchase*
  • FREE Log Book and safety whistle
  • FREE PADI processing and certification eCard
  • FREE Club Card discounts for 1 year after certification on merchandise and dive boats

Ocean Dive Locations for Classes

$795 Class
Local Beach + Casino Pt, Catalina

$895 Class
Local Beach + Dive Boat to Catalina Island
Meals included

$995 Class
2 Day Livaboard Dive Boat
Meals included + 3 extra fun dives!

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Scuba Certification Steps

The Divers West Open Water course consists of a Zoom Orientation Night, gear fitting session by appointment, and the following three main phases:

  1. Knowledge Development - Using PADI's eLearning, study from home. Study, take quizes and final exam online.
  2. Pool Training Dives - 1 weekend at the pool where you get to try out your underwater space suits and learn scuba diving skills. Students mus be able to swim 200 yds and tread/float for 10min.
  3. Ocean Training Dives - 1 weekend you complete 4 ocean dives. Here is where you apply what you've learned in the pool, have some fun, and complete your certification!

Pool and Ocean dives are pre-scheduled in advance. Most classes are scheduled to do some beach diving, but then the rest of the course is completed at one of our beautiful local islands where you will experince what California Diving is all about. Locations and price vary by month depending on dive destination.

*Because some students learn at different paces, some students may request or require additional time to get certified. Ask about our Private Lessons. Additional fees apply.


To enroll in Divers West's Complete PADI Open Water Diver course, you must be:

  • 12 years or older (For ages under 18, parental consent/sign-up required and parent must be present during orientation and most of our course)
  • Must complete a medical questionaire and be in generally good health
  • Must be able to swim 200 yards, non-stop, and tread/float for 10 minutes

For most children ages 10 and 11, special attention is needed and training restrictions apply so only private classes are available. Additional fees apply. Dates subject to availability. Please call for more information.

Required Gear. We'll make this easy.

When you take our Open Water Diver course, we'll include the main scuba diving rental equipment, for FREE, a $190 savings, when you purchase your required personal gear at Divers West. Personal gear includes Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Gloves, and Booties. When you purchase your gear from us, we'll give you a personal fitting session. It is very important that your scuba equipment fits  properly, so do not purchase it online and hope it works. We will teach you what type of gear that is suitable for scuba diving in California and other parts of the world. Not all snorkeling gear is suitable. Let Divers West help you find the best gear.

Home Study

Learning scuba diving theory is easy using PADI's virtual classroom called eLearning. You can study at home take your quizes, and your final exam online! You will then take a brief quiz at the pool, with your instructor, to demonstrate your understanding of the material. 

Private Lessons

Would you prefer more personalized attention? Would you like to learn at your own pace rather than that of a classroom environment? Would you like to train in your own pool? We offer private instruction for those that would like a more customized schedule or more personalized training. Please call (626) 529-5220 or stop by the store for more details. Additional fees will apply. Dates are subject to availability, distance, and weather conditions.

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