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TERMS AND CONDITIONS General Terms And Conditions For This Website


By participating in a scuba diving course through Divers West, the participant/guardian, herein referred to as "diver," understands that diving with compressed air involves certain inherent risks; including but not limited to decompression sickness, embolism or other hyperbaric/air expansion injury that require treatment in a recompression chamber. The diver further understands that the open water diving trips which are necessary for training and for certification may be conducted at a site that is remote, either by time or distance or both, from such a recompression chamber. 

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any scuba diving course, hereinafter referred to as “program,” the diver hereby personally assumes all risks of this program, whether foreseen or unforeseen, that may befall them while they are a participant in this program including, but not limited to, the academics, confined water and/or open water activities.

The diver also understand that skin diving and scuba diving are physically strenuous activities and that the diver will be exerting themselves during this program, and that if the diver is injured as a result of heart attack, panic, hyperventilation, drowning or any other cause, that they expressly assume the risk of said injuries and that they will not hold the Released Parties responsible for the same.

Scuba Certification Policy

By signing up for, and participating in, a scuba diving certification course, the student diver understands that the course tuition does not guarantee a scuba diving certification. To become a PADI certified scuba diver, the student diver must satisfactorily complete all PADI course requirements including academics, confined water training, and open water training as it relates to the particular course.

Class Tuituion Policy

When signing up for a scheduled scuba course, the diver understands that they are registering for one class schedule with one instructor and may not combine dates from different class schedules or request multiple instructors in order to complete a course. Please inquire about Private/Semi Private lessons for a customized schedule. Additional fees apply.

Tuition Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellation 30 days or more prior to scheduled class: Refund available less $25 cancellation fee.
Cancellation 15-30 days prior to scheduled class: Refund available less $50 cancellation fee.
Cancellation 7-14 days prior to scheduled class: $100
Cancellations received within 14 days of the start of class: Non-refundable or can be re- scheduled on a stand-by, space available basis only.

Class drops: Student diver understands that Divers West makes financial commitments with instructors, pools, boats and other resourses once a student registers for a course. No refunds will be issued if a student drops out during a course, for any reason. No refunds on boats or transportation shall be issued once course has started.